Frequently Asked Questions

Order Questions

How do I cancel my order?

E-mail if you wish to cancel your order.

How do I make changes to my order?

E-mail if you wish to change your order.

What is a pre-order?

Pre-orders are orders placed prior to the first products shipping, while they are still in production. Door-Duck pre-orders are anticipated to ship the first full week of May, and any orders after that time will be expected to ship within 3-5 days.

Who can place pre-orders?

Pre-orders are open to everyone.

Do pre-orders require to be paid?

Yes, but pre-orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they were placed, meaning pre-orders will ship first.

What is a Back Order?

A back order is an order which cannot be completely fulfilled at the time of order. If we cannot fulfill your order completely, we will contact you and provide you with options to ship with back-ordered units to be fulfilled later, or the option to modify/cancel your order.

General Questions

Do you offer Live chat support?

Yes, Live Chat support is available during these hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm EST Saturday: 9am - 12pm EST Sunday: 9am - 12pm EST

Can I leave a review of my Door-Duck?

Yes! Post your review or share your story on our Facebook or Linkedin pages!

Are quantity discounts available?

E-mail to inquire about quantity discounts on Door-Duck.

How do I become a dealer for Door-Duck?

E-mail to inquire about becoming a Door-Duck dealer.

Payment Questions

Do you accept International Credit Cards?


Do you charge sales tax on any item?

Sales tax is charged for orders shipping to Ohio.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Door-Duck accepts credit/debit cards & Paypal.

Shipping Questions

How will I know when pre-orders are shipped?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your order has been shipped.

How will I know when back-orders are shipped?

If we cannot fulfill your entire order, we will contact you with options to modify or cancel your order. If you choose partial shipping, with back-orders to be shipped at a later time, we will provide you with estimated timing for completion of your order. In addition, you will receive an e-mail to notify you that the remainder of your order has been shipped.

What can cause my order to be delayed?

If we experience higher than normal order volume and cannot ship your order within 3-5 days, we will contact you and provide estimated timing and options to modify or cancel your order.

What are your shipping and return policies?

Door-Duck accepts unopened returns within 30 days from the time of order. Return shipping to Door-Duck must be paid by the returning party.

Product Questions

What is Door-Duck?

Door-Duck is a hands free, germ free, door handle for feet, meant for non-latching doors, to help stop the spread of germs.

What is Door-Duck made from?

Door-Duck handles are made from sturdy, powder-coated aluminum.

How hard is it to install Door-Duck?

Door-Duck is easy to install in just 5 minutes. Installation instructions are included with every Door-Duck purchase.

What tools are required to install Door-Duck?

Installing a Door-Duck handle requires only a Philips head screwdriver or for easier installation: A drill with a Philips head bit, and a 1/8” drill bit.

What types of doors can Door-Duck be installed on?

Door-Duck handles are intended for exterior and interior, non-latching doors constructed from metal and wood, with solid or hollow cores.

What finishes are available for Door-Duck?

Door-Duck handles are available in 4 stock finishes; silver, orange, bronze, and black. Custom finishes and colors are available for order over 250 pieces. Email to inquire about custom finishes.

How much does Door-Duck cost?

Door-Duck handles retail cost is $24.95 each. Quantity discounts are available for higher quantity orders. Email to inquire about volume discounts.